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Grace Under Pressure: Self-Assessment

Grace Under Pressure: Presentation + Resources (Charles Good, Institute of Management Studies (IMS)



2023 Distinguished Favorites (Leadership)/NYC Big Book Awards

North American Book Awards 2023 (Bronze for Business Leadership/Management)

Goody Business Book Awards 2023 (Leadership: Think Differently/Finalist)

Gold Medalist/Living Now Awards 2023



Grace under pressure: Defined

Grace under pressure: Discipline of Staying Calm

What Is Grace? Alan Mulally Explains

Grace under pressure: Webinar with Becky Robinson/Weaving Influence

Grace under pressure: The Book Interview

Grace Under Pressure: Launch Day



“Authoritative Leadership Lessons in a Compact Package” (Kirkus Reviews)

"Take Care of Your People" Lloyd Sederer MD/Psychology Today

"Why Grace Is a Good Way to Go" Zingerman's/Ari Weinzweig 

"6 Books that Make You a Better Speaker. Leader. Thinker" Alisa Cohn/

Grace Under Pressure: Leadership Now/Mike McKinney

"Grace Under Pressure": 12 Books You Must Read in 2023 (Global Gurus)

Most Popular Books by Thought Leaders for (first half) of 2023 (Thinkers 360)



Three Questions for Leadership Luminary/Bruce Rosenstein

Leading with Grace When the Pressure Is On/Leader to Leader

Leading with Grace/ATD

Leading with a Spirit of Abundance/SmartBrief

Five Things You Need to Do to Become an Effective Leader During Uncertain Times/Authority Magazine

"Take Care of Your People" Young Upstarts 

Unlocking Autumn's Potential's Potential: 7 Must-Read Books for Personal and Professional Growth



Grace Under Pressure: Franklin Covey/Scott Jeffrey Miller

Give Grace to Your People to Promote Psychological Safety and Reduce Anxiety (Axiety at Work/Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton)

Grace Under Pressure: Best Seller TV (Rhett Power + Cynthia Johnson)

What It Takes to Lead with Grace: Workplace Warrior/Jordan Goldrich

Leading from the Heart: Grace Under Pressure: IMS/Charles Good

Leading with Grace Under Pressure: Mindfulness Podcast/Bruce Langford

Grace Under Pressure: Unlikely Intersections/Terry Jackson and Doc Brown

Cultivating Grace Under Pressure: Plant Yourself/Howie Jacobson

How Grace Can Help Leaders Lead Through Change and Crisis: Leadership Biz Cafe/Tanveer Naseer

Leading with Grace: WakeUp Call/Dr. Mark Goulston

GRACE under pressure: Interview with Alan Mulally

Grace Under Pressure/School for Startups Radio (Jim Beach)

Gracie Under Pressure While Making a Positive Impact (Virtual Campfire/Tony Martignetti)

Interview: KBOO/Portland with Host Donald Altman

Unlock Moment: Grace Under Pressure: Humanity, Humility and Vulnerability (Dr. Gary Crotaz)

Interview: Grace Under Pressure (The Hardy Brain)

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