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Welcome to my Courses page. 

For years, those who have attended my keynotes and workshops have asked if I had put any of my lessons into an online form. Till now, I had not. (And yes, I am a slow learner.) 

My first offering under my own brand is Leading Through Change and Crisis.

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Leading Through Change & Crisis will provide insights into how leaders act with commitment, courage, and compassion. What we call “grace under pressure.” 

Participants will learn how leaders:

--Care for their people -- putting their needs first so they can ensure the organization survives

--Take care of themselves -- making certain to be at their best because that’s what is demanded of them

--Prepare for the future -- thinking and doing what it takes to act for the future by taking action today.

Leading Through Change & Crisis combines video instruction with interactivelearning exercises. Available now is a free Grace under Pressure self-assessment on what it takes to lead with the heat is on. 

Available now from Methods of Leaders  are two courses: Leading with Resilience + Grace and Micro-Learnings: Insights into What It Takes to Lead Now. Both are produced in partnership with Marshall Goldsmith's Methods of Leaders, the premier learning site for leadership insight and wisdom.
Leading with Resilience + Grace
Micro Methods with John Baldoni: Insights into What It Takes to Lead Now


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