Moments of GRACE Video Series

GRACE is the catalyst for the "greater good."

As we face the pandemic, I have created a series of short videos (and articles). The videos are each a minute or so long and focus on messages of hope about resilience, fear and connectedness. The articles cover the organizational challenges executives face in times of crisis.
GRACE enables leaders to connect and lead with genuine respect and compassion... as well as act under pressure with composure and confidence.
Ideas for this series come from my book,  GRACE: A Leader’s Guide for a Better Us.
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Leading through Change & Crisis with GRACE is my newest keynote topic.
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Video Episodes:
My Commencement Address to the Class of 2020
56. Anxiety in Troubled Times
55. Turn Anger into Righteousness
54. GRACE under pressure
53. Because of Covid
52. Let's Build Trust
51. Mind Your Culture
50. Resilience: Bouncing Forward
49. Be the Optimist
48. Labor Day Is Like New Year's Day
47. The Power of Virtual Teams
46. Celebrate the Moment
45. Step to the Fore
44. Used Golf Balls (A metaphor)
43. Managing Self-Doubt
42. Lead with Courage
41. Work to Stay Connected
40. Co-Think
39. Be Patient for Opportunity
38. Discouragement
37. Make Time to Laugh
36. Energize Others
35. Call Me Out
34. Exert Your Confidence
33. Stay Connected
32. Patience Is a Virtue
31. Take Care of Yourself
30. Build It Better
29. Inspiration
28. Managing Your Stress
27. Making Personal Change
26. Intended Acts of Kindness
25: Nothing But Questions
24. Recharge & Renew
23. Our Values Will Shape Our Future
22. What Should I Be Doing?
21. Virtual Leadership
20. Showing Compassion
19. Delivering Hope
18. What's Next? Ask Your People
17. Act for Others
16. Reveal Respect
15. Demonstrate Empathy
14. Generosity Is Contagious
13. Make Sacrifice Meaningful
12. Showing Joy
11. Acknowledging Loss
10. Re-Mindfulness
9.   Been Laid Off?
8.   Will This Be Your "Finest Hour"?
7.   Have Confidence in Yourself
6.   It's Good to Be Humble
5.   Give Yourself Time to Breathe
4.   Resilience
3.   Spreading Virtual Cheer
2.   Overcoming Fear
1.   A Story of GRACE
0.   Wear a Mask


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