The Baldoni Difference

John Baldoni is an accomplished speaker, executive coach and author of 15 books. His topics focus on helping men and women live with greater purpose and grace. He anchors his presentations around the concept of purpose—the why of what we do—and grace—the how of what we do.

As a speaker you will find, John to be:

Prepared: speaking to client to learn context and issue facing the organization 

Data-driven: incorporating research into his topics

Adaptable: customizing his presentation to client needs

Flexible: accommodating client needs for break-out meetings 

Practical: reducing theory to best practices and action steps

Resourceful: offering handouts, articles and books

Current: writing and speaking about what’s happening down

Fun: using humor to enliven and enlighten

John is also a good storyteller weaving examples from history, current events and client experiences to make his presentations more accessible and memorable.

Click here for a collection of recent video clips of John addressing his favorite themes.

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