Facilitation is the art and practice of enabling others to share their ideas with one another. Practice involves technique; art requires an understanding of issues as well as roles and responsibilities.

Drawing upon years of John Baldoni’s experience as an executive coach and leadership teacher, Baldoni Consulting offers a variety of meeting facilitation services from packaged “instant meetings” with phone consultation to facilitated on-site events.

John and his colleagues can help you and your organization design and develop leadership events that will produce intended outcomes around topics such as:

  • Vision — helping people understand their role in creating a shared vision
  • Alignment — getting people on board
  • Execution/Discipline — ensuring accountability as ideas move to from ideation to reality
  • Risk/Courage — promoting innovation and recognizing courage

Leadership facilitation is focused on the issues facing your organization and the changes you must make to grow and develop your enterprise.

In particular, John and his team will:

  • Discover obstacles that impede growth and progress;
  • Uncover issues individuals may harbor toward the team; and
  • Create coalitions that will help individuals come together to solve team problems collectively.

We can help you and your team:

  • Design the event, e.g. your meeting
  • Develop activities that promote shared thinking and collaboration
  • Facilitate the meeting, or
  • Teach your people to facilitate the event.

You choose the facilitation services that serve your organization.

Templates available
We also provide templates for leadership activities that involve vision, alignment and risk/innovation. Templates include meeting graphics, leadership activities, and leadership questions.