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An interview show that examines what we do now & where we go to prepare for What’s Next.

Episode 18:  Interview with Evelyn Rodstein and Deepa Prahalad focusing on the impact of the pandemic on organizational change and its effect on leaders.

Episode 17: Interview with James daSilva and Brittni Ratliffe on how leadership and management writers are addressing the pandemic.

Episode 16: Interview with Fiona Macaulay on how women are rising to the challenge of leading in a crisis.

Episode 15: Interview with Beth Polish & Shannon Polson discussing how women leaders are helping us to shape the "new normal."

Episode 14: Interview with Peter Winick addressing how thought leadership can apply to positioning yourself for success in creating our "new normal."

Episode 13: Interview with Rob Nail speaking about the role innovation plays in crisis.

Episode 12: Interview with Dan Denison exploring how the pandemic has affected organizational culture and how leaders can leverage change for the better.

Episode 11: Interview with Gareth Ellis-Unwin discussing how filmmakers are adjusting to the new normal and how ScreenSkills, his company, is developing the next generation of film production talent.

Episode 10: Interview with Harry Kraemer focusing on how leaders must develop self-awareness in other to lead other effectively.

Episode 9: Interview with Bonita Thompson discussing new ideas and new methods for educating the next generation.

Episode 8: Interview with Alaina Love and Eugene Frazier proposing how leaders can become more involved in the education, recruitment, development and promotion of African-American executives

Episode 7: Interview with Preeti Malani, M.D. and John Ayanian, M.D. discussing the impact of Covid-19 on individual and public health as well as its impact on "going back to the office"

Episode 6: Interview with Eric Schurenberg exploring the role of a CEO in creating and forging the "new normal"

Episode 5: Interview with Terence Jackson, Ph.D. and Jared Fishman, J.D. discussing how to turn racial inequality into social justice in our legal system and organizational cultures.

Episode 4: Interview with Dr. Julie Rosenberg M.D. and Dr. Anna Yusim M.D. offering insights into physical and mental health aspects of our crisis

Episode 3: Interview with Elliott Masie exploring challenges and opportunities for executives and e-learners in creating our "new normal."

Episode 2: Interview with Martin Lindstrom discussing his newest book, Buyology, and the economic and social trends shaping our "new normal" (Link to FREE copy of Buyology for a Corona Virus World)

Episode 1: Interview with Louis Carter and David Nour discussing adaptation, agility, innovation & personal change

What’s Next is a LinkedIn Live show for professionals and business leaders. The pandemic has upended the way of life and work for billions of people. While we are focused on what’s happening now, it’s important to look ahead. Restarting the economy will not be as simple as throwing a switch. Issues of physical safety, personal security and racial equity will affect the design and future of how and where we work.

What's Next features inteviews with thought-leaders and doers from the worlds of business, science, economics, medicine, media, and psychology who will help us shape the “new normal." The perspective these luminaries bring will help business professionals address issues affecting how we conduct work in the coming months and years.

Rhett Power is the host of Power Lunch Live that airs three-times weekly on LinkedIn Live. Rhett is a best-selling author and was recently voted the Best Business Coach in America.

John Baldoni is a globally-recognized certified Master corporate executive coach and leadership educator and the best-selling author of 14 books that have been translated into 10 languages.

Both Rhett and John are members of Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches.

What’s Next is recorded live for later streaming.


Rhett and John are available to facilitate seminars focused on topics discussed on What’s Next. Such topics often provide insights that organizations can apply to their own business practices. Watch our video here.