Mobililizing People for People

The COVID-19 pandemic is considered by many as a Black Swan event, something that comes out of nowhere and disrupts everything. The pandemic is disruptive, perhaps the most game-changing event since World War II because not only does it upset the economy it endangers the health and safety of people around the world. 

The cruel truth is that the pandemic was predicted. But it was ignored. Experts in medicine, science, economics and even government have been warning about the possibility of such an event for decades. The challenge now is what do we do next?

The easy thing is to throw stones and ask for investigations into our state of unpreparedness. Doing so now when people are being infected, businesses are closing and hospitals are straining is counter-productive. We need an all-hands on deck approach to fighting this pandemic—medically, economically and socially. 

It is for this reason that we have created the National Alliance for Corporate Resilience. Our mission is:

Navigating the Present to Invent the Future!

We represent a network of interested businesses and individuals who are in positions of authority and influence to help businesses now and further help them think through what happens next. Our mission is divided into three areas: research, advocacy and action.

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