Testimonials: Coaching + Speaking

As Executive Coach

"I marvel at John Baldoni’s unequaled ability to teach good leaders to become great leaders. He’s one of the top leadership gurus on the planet." 
Chester Elton, Apostle of Appreciation

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As Keynote Speaker

"In the “storm of ideas” that thought leaders present, John Baldoni has a unique way of making his leadership message stand apart. He combines poetry, photography and his own piano playing to create presentations that evoke reflection and inspiration. Using the creative arts makes his insights into purpose, compassion and resilience resonate with truth and grace."
Aycan Ferik, Co-Founder KREA.Global

"John Baldoni is one of our speakers at Methods of Leaders. His most recent presentation, Grace Under Pressure, delivers insights into how leaders must care for their teams, and themselves, as they prepare for the future. John’s also fun to work with because he loves what he does and delivers his message with conviction and enthusiasm."  
Janice Perkins, Director of Marketing, Methods of Leaders

"John, I am reaching out to let you know how VERY much I appreciated your unique approach to presenting your workshop during the ACEC Conference on June 3, 2021. Your approach was unique, creative, and refreshing. I have long appreciated music as a learning tool. I think you are on to something pretty special with this approach and hope you will continue to utilize the method for your audiences. I came away actually feeling refreshed as well as learning some great things! Thank you for your creative spirit and gifts to the world."  
Holly Teska, MBA, Co-Founder of Uplifting Woman podcast

"John is the most humble presenter. His constant and continuous work in the favor of humanity is of par excellence level. He is unstoppable and making constant creation to shape mankind. In fact, he is in process of co-coaching and co-mentoring of earth. He is shaping the planet better so generations can live for years." 
Dr. Shailesh Taker, CLO, Knowledge Plus Group

As Interviewer

"John Baldoni’s “GRACE under Pressure” – is a little gem – raising big issues with huge impact.”
Martin Lindstrom, #1 Branding expert and New York Times Best-selling author of Buyology and Small Data.

"Talking with John brought out new ideas and insights. His passion makes for a great conversation that draws out the most valuable information." Barry Kibrick, Host/Producer of Between the Lines.

"John leads his guests to address the hot issues of the day—leadership, courage, empathy, inclusion—all the topics we THINK we understand but never truly master. His lively, persistent probing quickly cuts to the core of a matter!"             Dianna Booher, bestselling author of 49 books, including Communicate Like a Leader and Creating Personal Presence

"Being interviewed by John Baldoni is like talking to a trusted friend. He brings out the best in you. I love his warm demeanor and how he delivers a wonderful experience for the guest and the viewer with actionable information for the audience."
Chester Elton, Global Guru and bestselling author of The Carrot Principle, Leading With Gratitude and Anxiety At Work

“John Baldoni, thank you for leading an engaging and insightful interview. I loved the spontaneous questions you posed.  You made our time together effortless.” Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator

"What makes John Baldoni special is that he encourages his guests to talk, and he has one of the best laughs in the world! It is very easy to laugh with him because so much of what we see in the world today can be seen as amusing."
Rick Newcombe, founder and chairman of Creators Syndicate and Creators Publishing

"A warm-hearted conversationalist that helps his guests shine!"
Ron Carucci, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Navalent; author To Be Honest; Lead with the Power of Truth, Justice & Purpose


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