John Baldoni is an internationally recognized thought leader in leadership and communications. He is a popular leadership speaker, executive coach and corporate communicator. John helps senior executive to develop and voice messages that demonstrate purposeful leadership.

Speechwriting for Senior Leaders

  • Develop key messages
  • Draft speeches that appeal to the mind and the heart
  • Craft stories that amplify the message
  • Key themes: leadership, organizational change and social responsibility

Thought Leadership Advisor

  • Consult with executive and team to identify potential topics for thought leadership

Presentation Skills Coaching   

  • Teach presenters how to design/deliver presentations
  • Demonstrate how to radiate leadership presence
  • Provide practice exercises

Why John?

  • Recognized as thought leader by Trust Across America, Inc. and Global Gurus
  •  Expert commentator; author of 700+ columns for HBR, Forbes, Inc.; creator/producer SmartBrief video coaching series
  •  Author of 14 books on leadership, including MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy LeadershipLead with Purpose, Lead Your Boss: The Subtle Art of Managing Up, Speaking with Presence, Lead by Example and the Leader’s Pocket Guide

Writing Samples

Commencement Address to Class of 2020

Forbes: Leaders Think First

Forbes - The Next Big Thing: Virtual Leadership

SmartBrief - Double-Edged Workplace Ambition: Good for Men, Bad for Women

Forbes: Wither Wisdom? A Question for Our Times

Forbes - Would Peter Drucker Approve of Business Roundtable Purpose Statement? (Click to download PDF)

SmartBrief - Overcoming Bias Means Recognizing Our Blind Spots

LinkedIn - Engage Your Audience Virtually

Keynote - Corporate University Day  (Click to download PDF)

Keynote - Recognizing Innovation (Click to download PDF)

Forbes - Reflection on Words a Leader Uses (Click to download PDF)

Chief Learing Officer - Leading with Grace to Fulfill Your Purpose (Click to download PDF)