Trust Across America named John to its list of Top 100 most trustworthy business thought leaders
top 30 leadership gurus
Global Gurus ranked John No. 11 on its list of top 30 leadership gurus
Attitudes4Motivation ranked John No. 5 on its list of top 10 Motivational Authors
Attitudes4Motivation ranked John No. 5 on its list of top 10 Motivational Authors


John Baldoni_ColorJohn Baldoni, serves as the chair of the leadership development practice at N2growth. John is an internationally-recognized leadership educator, executive coach, speaker, and author. John has authored twelve books on leadership, with three of those books, Lead With Purpose (2011), Lead Your Boss (2009), and Lead By Example (2008) belng selected as best leadership books in their respective years. Prior to joining N2growth, John was the president of Baldoni Consulting, which he operated for 12 years.

His leadership and coaching work centers on how leaders can use their authority, communications and presence to build trust and drive results. By focusing on the concept of personal leadership which he defines as moving from the I can to the I will, John shows how leaders can guide and inspire their people through every phase of the leadership cycle, from character and vision through planning, coaching, motivation and supervision.

For nearly 20 years, John has coached and consulted for a number of leading companies in a variety of different businesses, ranging from automotive and banking to computers, high technology, fast food, and packaged goods. John is a much in demand keynote and workshop presenter and is popular with corporate, government, professional and military audiences.

In 2014, Trust Across America named John to its list of top 100 most trustworthy business thought leaders. In 2012, John was ranked No. 10 on the list of the world’s top leadership gurus. In 2010 John was named one of the world’s best 25 leadership experts by Top Leadership Gurus.

John is a frequent speaker on leadership topics, with keynotes focusing on personal leadership, leadership communications, and motivation. John is the author of eleven books on leadership including Leader’s Pocket Guide (Amacom 2012), Lead With Purpose (Amacom 2011) Lead Your Boss (Amacom 2010); Lead by Example (Amacom 2009); How Great Leaders Get Great Results, (McGraw Hill 2006); Great Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders (McGraw-Hill 2005); Great Communication Secrets of Great Leaders (McGraw-Hill 2003). John’s books have been translated into multiple languages.

John has written over 500 leadership columns for online sites of Forbes, CBSNews/Moneywatch, Inc.com and the Harvard Business Review.


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Giving Your Organization a Reason to Believe in Itself

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Lead With Purpose: Giving Your Organization a Reason to Believe in Itself provides time-tested methods for ways leaders can unleash the power of their employees to achieve sustainable business results.

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Moxie 3D Cover

Moxie is a concept that the modern leader is wise to adopt—one part courage, one part can-do spirit, and one part recognition. John Baldoni uses concrete, tried-and-true steps to bring out the inner leader in everyone.

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John speaks widely to corporate, professional, military and university audiences about life-changing leadership. Those who attend John’s keynote speeches and workshops find his advice to be practical, motivational and inspirational.

Mixed with stories of great men and women, and leavened with light-hearted humor, John seeks down-to-earth practical advice that individuals can apply immediately. John’s presentations blend his passion for leadership with genuine enthusiasm for helping people achieve their life ambitions.




101 Indispensible Tools,Tips and Techniques for Any Situation

The Leader’s Pocket Guide:
101 Indispensible Tools,
Tips and Techniques for
Any Situation

The Leader’s Pocket Guide delivers
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Podcast Interview:
Developing a More Effective Leader

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How to Assert Your Authority to Lead

It matters what you say…
And what you do!
How you present yourself
as a leader matters!

Authenticity is the “right stuff” of leadership!

Leadership presence is something I coach regularly.

Presence is the window to a leader’s character that he or she shows to others. Consider it the real you, the authentic self. Presence gives people a reason to believe in your leadership and follow your lead. It is a summation of your competence, credibility and confidence.

Presence is developed and reinforced by words, but mostly by example. It is the ability to connect authentically with others. Strong leadership presence inspires trust.

Learn to earn that trust through your words… and through your actions!